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You've been reading my ramblings for years here and on SCN. Now you have a chance to listen to some of my thoughts
Just a quick not to let everyone know that I will be speaking at SAP TechEd 2015! I will be speaking on the new version of SAP IDM:
Sorry, I have not posted in a while, but I
When I first started in the IT/Services field, I worked on a help desk providing technical support for a software company. Everything on the job was about Metrics: How many calls did you take, how long you were on the call. 
People often ask me what comes after Identity Management? My answer is that it depends.As I've discussed before, it's really up to what the organization requires and simply tacking on new workflows, approvals, and functionality is only really
It's been a while since I posted here, but it's not because I'm not working on NetWeaver IDM or writing. I've been doing a lot of the former and a bit of the latter. In order to help promote the growth of a NW IDM technical knowledge base, I've been posting most of my IDM specific th...
One of the things I've been hearing (and experiencing) lately is that there are a lot of questions about how SAP IDM works. Sometimes it's a functionality question, sometimes it's an enhancement request, other times it's a bug report. Taking a look on the SAP IDM SDN forum, one can se...
Quicker than I thought possible, another TechEd has come and gone. It's been a fantastic TechEd this year.
As usual, events here at TechEd have caught up with me and I missed a post. Sorry, folks!
Day 1, all I can really say is Wow! I attended sessions on the latest addition to the SAP's Identity Management line up, some of it's oldest technology and the future of the NetWeaver IDM.  After today
Recently I've been thinking about what happens to an identity through its life cycle and how the identity data is treated during this process. I think you will also see that the Enterprise itself has differing methods of dealing with it as well. I am considering this to be the beginni...
Just confirmed that I will be at TechEd 2012 in Las Vegas Nevada!If you will also be going to TechEd, let's try and set up an IDM Meetup! It's always great to put faces to email addresses, names and social media handles!  Please leave a
It's a common tale, you've conceptualized the best possible solution ever! It's elegant, it's paradigm shifting, it's brilliant, it's the jumping off point for all kinds of new processes and flows.  It's also not working.Frustrated, you
Every time I write a script that uses repository constants, I always have trouble remembering how to pass their values properly.  Hopefully this posting will make me remember.Both the "%" and "$" characters are used by JavaScript, so if
When I'm looking for the latest information on IDM, I check all of the usual places like the IDM Discussion and
My current project has me working with IDM 7.2 and GRC 10.0which has kept me quite busy lately. However, I did want to take a little bitof time to discuss NetWeaver IDM 7.2 SP4, which we need to install into our projectenvironments. I do plan to talk
Okay, I admit it, when I solve a particularly confoundingproblem, I like to get up, proclaim “Victory Lap!” and walk around in a smallcircle (Sometimes two for bigger problems). I think it's important to celebratedevelopment successes particularly when they result in helping to really ...
There are two items of general NetWeaver Identity Managementmaintenance that I get asked about frequently.How do you prevent deadlocks
One thing that I forgot to mention in my last post was about the content of the tutorials. When you take a look at them you're going to
If you are using Fulltext search with a SQL Server implementation of IDM, be advised that there is a new installation guide that contains updated information about Fulltext
I'm always happy to see that IdM is gaining acceptance from customers and the Industry in general. In a list of
Iwas having an extended email conversation with some peers about some issuesthey were experiencing with Pending Value Objects in SAP
I was recently asked to take a look at an architecture in use by a client. As I started the analysis, Inoticed that there was a high reliance on Web Services for communicating databetween systems. Now Web Services are not
Based on
A long time ago when I first started working with MaXware Identity Center, I had to pass a hands-on test to demonstrate my proficiency with Identity Center and Virtual Directory. The part of this whole exam that scared me the most was provisioning to Microsoft Exchange. Long story sho...
If you've checked the SDN Marketplace lately, you'll notice that NetWeaver Identity Management 7.2 has finally come out of Ramp-up and into General Availability! There's
I do a lot of research to keep up with the goings on in the Identity Management world. A lot of it is based on the goings on with SAP NetWeaver Identity Management, monitoring
There's a known issue where the database does not install correctly from the mxmc-install batch file. There seems to be a problem with the vbscripts that transports the passwords the script to the database server.I've taken the liberty here
Have you ever noticed when looking at the Job Log of a To/From LDAP task that the HTML and XML views of the log are empty, but the text views works fine?  I know I have and it bugged the $#@* out of me.I asked around at TechEd about this
Recently when working on a new QA system based on a copy of the PROD database when I encountered an error that I had never seen before when starting up the first dispatcher. I highlighted it below:
What can I say? The last two days of TechEd completely blew me away!I started off by seeing a demo of the latest version of NetWeaver Identity management (7.2). Not even sure where to start! Role and Privilege Contexts, more on RESTful
Some great sessions on the RESTful interface and integrating with SAP BW.It looks like NW IDM 7.2 is going to have some really killer features.  From the looks of the RESTful interface presentation, it will be possible to have quite a
Time for a new series of TechEd Reports.  Had a great time Sunday night meeting up with a bunch of folks from IDM, SSO, and SAP Security. Interesting conversation about some new features coming out in the near future.  Hopefully we'll get